Massimo Philko

Serving Suggestion

For the best taste of Cafe Massimo Freeze Dried pour the sachet‘s contents into a mug as per your requirement and add enough amount of hot water, stir gently until the mixture dissolves fully, Cafe Massimo Freeze Dried is ready to be served.


Instant Coffee Freeze Dried Coffee 100%

Serving Suggestion

1 Sachet contains 10 cups of coffee.

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Cafe Massimo Freeze Dried Coffee

Come and get your Cafe Massimo Freeze Dried & Feel the soft, natural aroma...

Cafe Massimo FD. It is perfect natural freeze coffee 100%.

Our company makes sure that we offer high quality coffee and taste that will suit your need.


I think, this product is good and expensive.,.,.,

Jecel 04/09/2014 11:04:40

Good day, interesado po ako sa product, Saan po ba pwdeng maka-avail nito?

Mark Joseph Depaur 04/09/2014 11:15:37

A high quality and affordable product of massimo philko..

jb 08/09/2014 19:33:35

Really? Good for 10 cups? Amazing!!!

oxyjenthing 08/09/2014 19:33:52


fred 12/09/2014 16:37:35

Love it so MUCH! :)

Monica 18/09/2014 09:29:49


Mark Joseph Depaur 27/09/2014 14:30:42

Do you provide samples to try?

anne 31/10/2014 17:27:42

I am interested to know about your product but I am living in Baguio City, full time employee, how can I meet your products and to be a member and be a distributor agent, thanks if you are interested to come to Baguio City not only in Manila

Cathy Dumangeng 31/10/2014 23:33:23

it's quite good, and am sure we extend extra effort by doing this business, but its a good challenge.

Jun Ayuban 07/11/2014 09:47:47

It's really good for everyone to drink. Not strong but deep taste. It is almost same quality with a drip coffee.

Gowoon 01/12/2014 09:48:21

It's great taste and cheapest price. Thank you for providing it to me.

Aria 26/12/2014 09:01:13

how to become a distributor?tnx

edgardo castejon 29/01/2015 21:11:27

mgkano po whole sale? salamat

Lily 28/07/2017 11:13:47

Let us know about this product.