Training Guide

  1. What type of training does MASSIMO PHILKO offer?

    • MASSIMO PHILKO (New Business Launching)
    • Business Support Training Program
    • Product Information Program
    • Sales Program
    • Recruitment Program
    • Success Speaker, Members
  2. What are the delivery methods available for MASSIMO PHILKO Training?

    • Face-to-face training at the MASSIMO PHILKO Head Office
  3. How do I access Online Registration?

    Log on to MASSIMO PHILKO website, select training guide under membership menu and Follow the online prompts.

  4. Do I need any special program to make Online Registration run?

    No, online runs off normal PCs. For Android users, we do suggest you download a software- see the ‘How to access Online Registration’ guide available on the MASSIMO PHILKO website.

  5. How was the seminar developed?

    Training and Seminar are developed by MASSIMO PHILKO training educators.

  6. What is this seminar all about?

    This is about MASSIMO PHILKO products, basic business and retail training. This training is perfect for new sales agent distributor to help them start. It's also an excellent refresher for establishing Independent Business Owner.

  7. Who can participate?

    There is no prerequisite to any individual that is willing to be part of our company and would like to refresh their knowledge in MASSIMO PHILKO and the MASSIMO PHILKO offerings or to gain more knowledge in products and essential business skills.

  8. How much time it will take?

    Seminar is approximately 3-4 hours.

  9. What is the cost of MASSIMO PHILKO training fee?

    The majority of MASSIMO PHILKO training is FREE. All e-learning is Free.

  1. What is MASSIMO PHILKO Certification?

    It is a seminar/ training that allow you to gain essential business skills and get a Certificate of Attendance.

  2. Is MASSIMO PHILKO Certification Mandatory?

    No, participation is optional, but highly recommended if you want to get the company’s benefits like profit percentage, rewards and incentives.

  3. How is Certification delivered?

    Attended participants of training are allowed to request certification.

  4. What are the advantages of doing a certification course?

    • Gain more knowledge in selling.
    • Achieve a certificate
    • Gives you more confidence and credibility.
  5. Is there a questionnaire?

    Yes, basic questions regarding on our product.

Face To Face Training

Choose from daily demonstrations and training at our Head Office in BSA Twin Towers Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. Join our Friendly staff every morning and afternoon for seminar “ Welcome to MASSIMO PHILKO Seminar”. Learn about your MASSIMO PHILKO products. Take the opportunity to taste some MASSIMO PHILKO products and experience a product sample. To view our schedule, go to Event & Training Calendar page.

Personal Consultation

Meet our qualified seminar speaker to answer your individual queries.

Online Registration

Too far from our head office? We still have you covered! MASSIMO PHILKO Online Registration site is free and accessible anywhere, anytime! Click "Account" menu at the right corner of your screen and click "Join". the “ Events and Training” calendar. Undertake your scheduled interactive business and product seminar personally.


To view session details, log on to MASSIMO PHILKO website and select the Training list from Membership menu.