About Massimo Philko

About Massimo Philko Inc.

MPI, starting up as food and beverages Distributor Company. Its strategy is to serve Filipino Markets from all walks of life, of quality food, appliances, electronics, and beverages. There are many untapped potential markets within this industry that desire high quality, stylish goods, but do not think they can afford the products or do not know where to purchase. This is a privately held international corporation. Production and manufacturing of products takes place in Ulsan, Republic of Korea sales and marketing are focused in the Philippines.

From its Mother Company, which is the CNF KOREA CO., LTD, the factory is about 2000 square meters and should be large enough for the past nine years of the company’s growth and development. The food, appliances, electronics and beverages will be shipped and distributed by MASSIMO PHILKO INC.,

It is the firm’s intention to build and export its product, and to develop brand image and brand equity through marketing and eventually produce food, appliances, electronics and beverages in addition to the initial, moderately-priced line. Today, we are already exporting our products to other countries like China, Europe and now in the Philippines.



Our Company is known for individual and innovative coffee and food products. Within a record time we have developed custom-made products and services according to various customers’ requirements and worldwide distribution. At the beginning strand is new idea, and in the end, a delight to the senses, coffee variety an economic benefit. For us, it is a tradition to have the ambition of invention. Since its beginning 'CNF KOREA' has been committed to invest in new technologies. Our dedication to research and development helps us to improve manufacturing processes and to create products with excellent taste, perfect convenience and the best quality.

January of 2005

Establishment of Ncafe

May of 2009

Started its Factory production

MARCH 2014

Declaration of clean coffee without artificial flavoring agents, sweetener, preservative.

May of 2010

Designated as a military supply contract firm.

December of 2010

Achievement of coffee exports one million dollars.

  • - Move to a large facility located in DongSang-ri, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun.
  • - Change the name of company CNF KOREA Co.,Ltd and declaration of general food company.
April of 2011

Applied for Innobiz Company

May of 2011

Participated in top company Busan Job Fair

June of 2011

Established a coffee bean enterprise department.

September of 2011

Participated in Food & Drink Asia 2011 in Manila, Philippines.

May of 2012

Participated in Thailand Board of Investment

July 2012

Nominated for Hit500 enterprise in Korea

September of 2012

Nominated for Hit500 enterprise in Korea